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Well done, Cleveland police

July 25, 2016 Remember the lead-up top the Republican National Convention in Cleveland? For weeks before it opened, there was speculation about violent demonstrations and confrontations among competing protesters... more »»

Real pros

July 18, 2016 Editor: I would like to commend our fire departments in the area, especially Wellsville. They are underrated but so professional. Since I have lived here there have been fires all around me. more »»

True disgrace

July 14, 2016 Editor: The disgrace of the Benghazi affair is that the lives of our civil servants and soldiers were subordinated to Barack Obama’s re-election. more »»

Chip and unsealed

July 10, 2016 Editor: The state of roadways in our community are always changing. Some roadways seems to never get any attention, others seem to be worked on constantly. more »»

Job one: security

June 30, 2016 Editor: Here in America we pride ourselves on our freedom of religion and fights against judging groups of people so it seems a contradiction to our teachings to judge Muslims and set restrictions o... more »»

What about ME?

June 24, 2016 Editor: I so fondly remember the days of old time radio. more »»

Acceptance should be goal of us all

June 20, 2016 Editor: This letter is in response to the opinion piece, “Death not tolerance.” I have subscribed to the Morning Journal for the 25 years I have lived in Lisbon. more »»

Save the Second to save the country

June 18, 2016 Editor: A scene repeated in our nation — flags at half-staff, moments of silence, tears and unbearable grief… Those in Washington fail to identify the real reason for the Orlando atrocity and again... more »»

Wet blanket?

June 12, 2016 Editor: I am writing in reference to the proposed construction at the defunct Lake Front golf course, in Columbiana. more »»

Thank God

May 26, 2016 Editor: Well, apparently East Liverpool’s young leaders do not take kindly to a group from Wisconsin sticking their nose in where it does not belong. more »»

Fight drug abuse effectively

May 25, 2016 Most members of Congress no doubt comprehend the need for more spending on drug addiction treatment programs. more »»

Old Glory

May 22, 2016 Editor: Our nation’s fabric in stars and stripes has been taken from its place in the wind and placed under our feet in shame. Communities have become offended by the colors of red, white, and blu. more »»

Case in point

May 15, 2016 Editor: What disturbs me the most about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal is how the identities of our secret agents were compromised. Foreign countries have bizarre and cruel ways of punishing th. more »»

If only . . .

May 14, 2016 Editor: The phrase “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. more »»

If only . . .

May 14, 2016 Editor: The phrase “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. more »»

Golf’s true toxicity

April 26, 2016 Editor: I am writing in response to the April 22 letter from Mr. John Herbert titled “Free Golf” where he stated “golf courses are a major source of pollution. more »»

Free golf

April 22, 2016 Editor: I was interested in the front page article of your April 18 issue regarding the folding of another golf course. more »»

Horror show

April 22, 2016 Editor: UFO? That could be the first thing that comes to mind when analyzing our current presidential process. The “U” could be unqualified, unimaginable, un???. The “F” for and the “O” for offi. more »»

Save the Second

April 22, 2016 Editor: Hillary Clinton, if elected, must recite the oath of office that she swears to support and defend the Constitution of these United States knowing that she intends to do everything she can to... more »»

Country music, RIP

April 14, 2016 Editor: Recently, country music legend Merle Haggard passed away. He recorded many songs but my favorites were “Mama Tried,” “Swinging Doors” and “From Now On All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers. more »»



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