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February 19, 2013 Editor: In 2008 a friend stated: “America needs to be neutralized.” I shockingly responded: “The outcome for the world and Israel would be disastrous and embolden unrestrained dictators. more »»

Brinker update

February 18, 2013 Editor: As a landowner in the Brinker Storage Field, I would like to update everyone about our lawsuit against Columbia Gas/ Nisource. more »»

Tipped off

February 15, 2013 Editor: The recent front page article about the union picketing outside of Ventra hit a nerve with me. It was very slanted to pro-union and only told one side of the story. more »»


February 15, 2013 Editor: I usually read and enjoy the letters from Lloyd Berresford although seldom do I agree with them. The one about Benghazi was just too far over the top to let go. more »»


February 11, 2013 Editor: The war continues in an effort to silence Fox News. Elements of the far left have been at it for several year. more »»


February 11, 2013 Editor: I would like to clear up some misinformation in Lloyd Berresford’s letter on what happen in Bengazhi and President Obama’s response to it. more »»


February 10, 2013 Editor: With America being one of the richest countries on earth (if that still stands with being nearly $17 trillion in debt) people should have no trouble buying groceries and paying for their... more »»

All he wrote

February 7, 2013 Editor: I’m surprised at the number of people I talk to who don’t understand the coverup at Bengazhi, so here goes. more »»

Primary care

January 26, 2013 Editor: As Gov. more »»

Strengthen the safety net

January 25, 2013 Editor: With the Chardon High School shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on our minds, it’s time for Ohio to take stock of the safety net available for adults and children with... more »»

Two wrongs make a blight

January 24, 2013 Editor: Is there anything wrong with this picture? After reading Bill O’Reilly’s Jan. 15 column regarding the 876 mandates signed into law by California Gov. more »»

This much is too much

January 21, 2013 Editor: West Township Trustees and residents, you have passed a new levy for the roads of West Township, how about trying to get something done about the eyesore properties located in West Township. more »»

Dump is back

January 20, 2013 Editor: Well folks, it looks like that polluting, danger-to-health Negley dump is going to start up again. more »»

Pity the poor

January 18, 2013 Editor: Well, Happy New Year. At least for the people in Washington who are getting raises in their pay. Food prices are going up-up-up and the government starting this month is cutting food stamps. more »»


January 16, 2013 Editor: On Jan. 10, I appeared on Rock Center with Brian Williams where I shared my personal story about how my father became one of thousands killed in crashes involving distracted teen drivers. more »»

A real pro

January 14, 2013 Editor: The Jan. 10 edition of the Journal ran an article on the front page with the headline, “Two re-up for public service. more »»

Smoking guns

January 13, 2013 Editor: Your article, “Growing number of gun cases concerns judge,” from Jan. 9 contains multiple inaccuracies and/or misleading statements. more »»

No Second thoughts

January 10, 2013 Editor: While I often agree with Leon White’s letters to the editor, I strongly disagree with him in “Touching on the Second. more »»

Touching on the Second

January 9, 2013 Editor: After this last terrible shooting in the school in Newtown, Conn., we can expect some kind of action from the president in regard to gun control. We can also expect reaction from the NR. more »»

Father figures

January 7, 2013 Editor: I am writing to comment on Mr. Harding’s column in the Sunday, Dec. 30 edition and offer an opinion of my own. Like Mr. Harding, I am a NRA member but do not consider myself callou. more »»



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