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Bloody hands

March 31, 2016 Editor: With a sad heart, I just finished reading the article on the Easter Sunday bombing in Pakistan. more »»

Why not a charter?

March 24, 2016 Editor: I have been having thoughts recently about local government in East Liverpool. (Ever since our council raised their pay from $200 to $600 per month some time back. more »»


March 24, 2016 Editor: As President Obama enjoyed the sunshine of Cuba and apologized for how badly America has mistreated the Communist country, 27 Cubans tried to escape to freedom in a small boat. more »»

Keep it clean

March 20, 2016 Editor: Salem is a nice town with so much to offer. Most needs can be met right here at home without venturing too far from town. more »»

Let’s get it right

March 16, 2016 Editor: I would like to comment on a recent article that was on the front page of the Morning Journal about a subject that was brought up by Lisbon Village Council of creating a fire district. more »»

Do not give up any liberties

March 11, 2016 Editor: Benjamin Franklin once said, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. more »»

Left behind

February 29, 2016 Editor: I recently told friends and family that I was going to register as a Republican for the 2016 primar. more »»

Plea for the park

February 28, 2016 Editor: As primary election day approaches, I want to ask the citizens of East Liverpool to think of an important issue close to home. more »»

Article was not technically sound

February 18, 2016 Editor: As the owner responsible for the day-to-day operations of American Pioneer Manufacturing, I was shocked and dismayed to see an inaccurate paraphrasing of the comments of my husband, Ulrich... more »»

In her defense

February 17, 2016 Editor: I’m getting tired of the right wing attacks on Hillary Clinton. more »»

Going to Hill in a hand basket

February 15, 2016 Editor: When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her sisters in the women’s rights movement were puzzled that she didn’t condemn the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram for burning and looting... more »»

Self starter

February 3, 2016 Editor: Technology has been known to advance a little too fast for the comfort of some people and always with brand new technology there are imperfections to work out, but many are of such necessity... more »»

The right choice

January 28, 2016 Editor: It’s a great thing, freedom of press. It allows you to do so much without having the truth. In the recent opinion article about the Crestview Board of Education, there are many unknown fact. more »»

Too much

January 28, 2016 Editor: I’ve been following the riot in Germany, where more than 1,000 immigrants and refugees attacked women. A Muslim cleric said that it was because the women were dressed provocatively. more »»

The future

January 18, 2016 Editor: I hope you remember me as one who wrote you many letters to the editor. I am now 96 and very sick and this could be my last effort to express myself. more »»

He is not staying quiet on this issue

January 16, 2016 Editor: So once again Columbiana City Council was asked by attorney Robert Boufford, representing Dave Flynn, owner of the Columbiana Buick Cadillac Chevrolet dealership, to consider using tax... more »»

Guns: bad journalism and bad politics

January 13, 2016 Are you opposed to “common sense” gun laws? These are what liberals like Hillary Clinton are always proclaiming their support fo. more »»

Defy U.S., pay no price

January 13, 2016 If you’re going to engage in a foreign policy capitulation, might as well do it when everyone is getting tanked and otherwise occupied. Say, New Year’s Eve. Here’s the story. more »»

End the fed monopoly on health care

January 13, 2016 Robert Laszewski may be the nation’s leading expert on President Obama’s health care law. more »»

Frustrated mom takes out her anger on her children

January 13, 2016 DEAR ABBY: I am the mother of four. My children are wonderful, but they really don’t listen. Instead of sitting down and talking to them, I scream and call them name. more »»



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