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It took just seven in Paris

November 20, 2015 Ohio Gov. John Kasich is not a heartless ma. more »»


November 19, 2015 ROAST those residents of the LaCroft neighborhood who failed to report to police or township trustees that upwards of 500 gallons of stinking, used cooking grease were dumped and allowed to lie... more »»

It was politics as usual

November 18, 2015 France’s reaction to terrorist attacks that killed 129 people in Paris was an air strike against Islamic State positions in Raqqa, Syria. more »»

Obama must work with Israel

November 17, 2015 President Barack Obama’s prediction there will be no peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians before he leaves office in early 2017 certainly was, as he put it, “realisti. more »»

Obama must work with Israel

November 16, 2015 President Barack Obama’s prediction there will be no peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians before he leaves office in early 2017 certainly was, as he put it, “realisti. more »»

New signs of zoning controversy in Lisbon

November 15, 2015 Sign, sign, everywhere a sign Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? — Five Man Electrical Band Once again, a controversy over business sign... more »»


November 15, 2015 Veterans Day lessons During my career, I’ve been called many things by many people, but this week was a first. more »»

Look into medical marijuana

November 14, 2015 When voters rejected a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Ohio, it caused long faces among more than the pothead crowd. more »»

Not in our best interests

November 12, 2015 It was bad enough when President Barack Obama used the proposed Keystone XL pipeline for domestic political reasons, to placate his radical environmentalist base. more »»

Thank a veteran today

November 11, 2015 The celebration of Veterans Day, which we mark today, began on Nov. 11, 1918 on what was originally known as Armistice Day. It was the celebration of the end of World War I — “the war to end all wars. more »»

Too much of a good thing

November 10, 2015 Many people still remember a time when it was the number of hours children spent in front of “the boob tube” that was worrisome. Technology has made that an old-fashioned concern. more »»

Voters did the right thing

November 9, 2015 Proponents of legalizing marijuana in Ohio spent an enormous amount, $25 million by one estimate, trying to convince voters to go along with them. more »»

A fresh start in 2016

November 8, 2015 The desire for change was obvious during the 2015 election season in Columbiana County and as a result five new mayors will be taking office in 201. more »»

Be up front about the past

November 7, 2015 America has been a land of second chances for many people. For that reason, President Barack Obama’s call for better efforts to integrate ex-convicts into society probably will resonate among many. more »»

A program worth expanding

November 4, 2015 One of the best ways to reduce the cost of a college education is to get some classes out of the way before ever setting foot on campus. more »»

Explore all viable alternatives

November 3, 2015 Simply telling thousands of convicts they will be released from prison before their sentences have been served, as the federal government apparently plans to do, is a recipe for more violence on the... more »»

Vote no for the right reasons

November 2, 2015 Thoughtful Ohio voters would not think of granting a monopoly to a few people to grow corn and sell it on the wholesale market. more »»

Important day for the county

November 1, 2015 Tuesday is Election Day, a very important day for determining the future of our Columbiana County communities. more »»

No accountability, anywhere

October 31, 2015 Look under “accountability” in the dictionary and who knows whose pictures you may see? What will not accompany the text is a portrayal of a federal bureaucra. more »»

The buck stopped where?

October 30, 2015 No one reacted with a sense of alarm and protectiveness to repeated pleas for help from U.S. diplomatic personnel in Benghazi, Libya during the months before Sept. 11, 2012. more »»



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