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The climate change denier

April 13, 2015 It should come as no surprise that President Barack Obama persists in being untruthful about climate change. His record for veracity is abysmal. more »»

A cemetery is not a place for dogs or Easter eggs

April 12, 2015 Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to run freely in cemeteries, and Columbiana council members were right to refuse to change a city ordinance banning them from the town’s burial grounds. more »»

Clinton can’t be shielded long-term

April 11, 2015 Plans to officially launch Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president clearly are aimed at shielding her from verbal missteps and embarrassing questions, as well as limiting the damage from such... more »»

Women may change elite units

April 10, 2015 Try as we may, Americans cannot overcome biological realities. more »»

OSU on right track to affordablility

April 9, 2015 Too many plans to “make college more affordable” do nothing of the sort. Typical are nearly all such initiatives in Washington, which merely shift the burden of paying for higher education. more »»

Do not blame climate change

April 8, 2015 Climate change has been blamed by some for all sorts of evils, including Islamic terrorists. more »»

The original green project

April 7, 2015 When Americans want to impress foreign guests, we sometimes take them to national parks. more »»

Restore tax on gambling credits

April 6, 2015 Legalized casino gambling in Ohio has followed a trail worn well in other states. First, promise voters enormous riches if they approve table gambling and electronic slot machine. more »»

Remember His words

April 5, 2015 The life lived by a simple itinerant rabbi some 2,000 years ago has a lasting power that believers are sure came from God. more »»

Loose Ends

April 5, 2015 ? Next to myself, East Liverpool Mayor Jim Swoger is probably one of the most technologically challenged individuals around and doesn’t use his iPhone for much except calling (in fact, I showed him... more »»

Delay in investigating man’s death unacceptable

April 4, 2015 Inexplicable and inexcusable are the two words we believe describe the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Department’s decision to wait 20 hours before investigating the claims of a man who reported his... more »»

Reject gas emissions treaty

April 3, 2015 President Barack Obama has made a formal commitment at the United Nations, that the United States will slash greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 28 percent — by 2025. more »»

Hold charters to high standards

April 2, 2015 When legislators allowed private, for-profit education in Ohio several years ago, it was almost as if they thought there was some sort of magic in the name: charter schools. more »»

Do not cave on nuke talks

April 1, 2015 History shows the danger of appeasement — allowing a dangerous country to build up its arsenal even while claiming it is not doing so. more »»

A model for dismal failure

March 31, 2015 In January, President Barack Obama referred to U.S. anti-terrorism efforts in Yemen as a “model” for avoiding massive deployments of American troops. Last week, U.S. more »»

Do not endanger Medicare

March 30, 2015 Of course, Congress should approve a measure to prevent steep cuts in amounts the Medicare program would pay health care providers. And of course President Barack Obama should sign it into law. more »»

County’s representative off to good legislative start

March 29, 2015 A bill co-sponsored by our new state representative, Tim Ginter, addresses several issues related to the oil and gas drilling that is taking place in our county and state. more »»

How much did we meddle?

March 28, 2015 U.S. officials often intervene in the internal affairs of other countries, usually while insisting no such thing is happening. more »»

Treasurer deserves his A-plus

March 27, 2015 Many states — and the federal government, for that matter — could learn a thing or two about the transparency to which they pay so much lip service, simply by taking a page out of the Ohio... more »»

Be careful with this technology

March 26, 2015 Those remotely monitored “smart meters” power companies have been installing on many homes make it easier to determine how much customers should be charged. more »»



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