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Good and bad

August 2, 2010
Morning Journal News


When is the last time you watched a television show or movie depicting a courtroom and didn't at some time hear the words "If you can't respect my courtroom...?" First of all, who's courtroom? The law is supposed to serve the people, not the reverse, and the courtroom cannot function without our tax dollars. Secondly, when laws that simply are not right are enforced, crimes of least standing are treated more harshly than those that are worst (compare murder with armed robbery), punishment of the same crimes are not always dealt the same between people, and the guilty so often walk, are the courts really worth our respect? Respect is rightfully earned, not given, for otherwise respect would mean nothing.

I am in fact in good friendship with a well known judge. I consider him a friend though not for what he does but for who he is, he is a good man. However, like my beloved grandfather who was a Deputy Sheriff he has fallen in with a corrupt system. I fail to see how someone of good moral fiber could possibly vow to enforce laws they should know are wrong. These laws control and ruin people's lives just as much as the justifiable ones as murder, rape, burglary, vandalism, etc. You cannot be right by enforcing that which is wrong.

Now I am not saying that we do not need law enforcement or government for there are horrible crimes committed daily, but we can't just sit back and let them take complete control either. I have long considered myself a Libertarian, we believe in limited government but not the absence of government. In other words the federal government should solely be for international purpose as was originally intended and not controlling everyone's lives.

Within the last year or so we have seen a steady rise of the Tea Party Patriots. While I have not had the opportunity to sit down with a member and fully discuss their standings I can only go by what I've read, and I believe they may be this country's greatest hope. While perhaps we do not need to become violent we must take a strict stand and let them know that we are sick of them telling us what we can do with our money, property, and our bodies. Rather you be Libertarian, Tea Party Patriot, Republican, Democrat, or whatever it is the time to all stand as one and draw our line in the sand. In the words of Twisted Sister, "We're not going to take it anymore."

Elbert Householder




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