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July 5, 2013
Morning Journal News


With the country plagued with one scandal after another and the president doing nothing but displaying his only defenses, his uncanny ability to sweet talk, minimize the issue and devoid himself of any blame, this lack of positive leadership is having its toll on our domestic and foreign policy.

Our president doesn't appear willing or able to make decisions. With the exception of his frenzied effort to force his Obamacare down our throat, he has accomplished little in his five years in office.

Due to his indecisions and postponement on issues involving foreign policy, we are fast losing respect from our friends and allies and gaining contempt from our enemies.

Obama prior to his first election spoke often on the lack of transparency in government and his administration's promise of change with complete transparency. I would like to hear a reporter ask the president the question, "What happened to the transparency you promised the American people?"

As for those scandals that are ripping our government and country apart, I am at an impasse on who we can depend on to clean up this unholy mess. With the department heads of the IRS, FBI, the State Department and the president all uttering those words: I don't know, I don't remember, I'll have to get back to you.

Someone has got to give. There will be no healing until we hear the truth, which seems to be a lost art with our leaders in Washington. We are fed up with the continuous procrastination coming from those people.

No democratic government can survive when its people are deprived of government activities, they have a right to know. This will lead to an enlarged government and a continued loss of our personal freedom.

How loud a wakeup call will it take before the president and his bunch start leveling with American people?

Leon White




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